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Once compute virtualization took over the data center if we needed to create a new network it had to be created in both the virtual environment and physical environment (Map the VLAN on the port group to the Trunk Port or Access Port on the physical switch). To route or firewall traffic it had to hairpin to a device external to the virtualized platform. We needed a better solutions to help us eliminate the duplicate configuration tasks, make management more effecient and secure.

We needed a way to solve these challenges. With VMware’s NSX-T we finally have a solid SDN solution from an industry leader. Starting with the acquisition of Nicera VMware entered in the brave new world of SDN with NSX-V. NSX-V and now NSX-T allow you now to fully leverage SDN in the kernel of your ESXi hosts and now with NSX-T multiple hypervisors and containers, core routing and switching, load balancing and firewall services to all run in the kernel of the SDDC Platform.

Chinmayi's Virtual NSX Success Stories

  • Micro-Segmentation for mission critical production workloads
  • DMZ Anywhere Micro-Segmentation
  • Micro-Segmentation for VDI Platforms
  • Network Automation w/vRealize Automation
  • Metro Stretched Network Solutions Active/Active
  • Multi-Site Stretched Network Solutions Active/Passive & Active/Active


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