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Mundane Task

Comments from C-Level leadership: “I do not have enough staff to complete all the work that needs to be done”…. “I have noticed my IT staff is manually repeating the same tasks over and over”. I am sure you have heard it all before. One of our customers famously stated: “If I can’t automate it, I don’t do it!” That might be a bit extreme, but I am sure you understand the point! Why perform tasks manually, over, and over again, that can be automated?


Today’s automation platforms such as VMware’s vRealize Automation and Orchestration allow you to automate the deployment of workloads and processes on to both your Private Cloud , Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures. Consumers of IT Resources and tools can now leverage a common, self-service product catalogue that provides your team with one-stop shop for services, blueprints, templates and images from multiple cloud platforms including even native public cloud services.


Automation Success Stories

  • HPE Synergy | VCF | NSX & vRA-vRO
  • DELL VXRail | VCF | NSX & vRA-vRO
  • Custom built DELL vSAN Ready Nodes | NSX & vRA-vRO
  • Custom deployed vRA/vRO Solution on CISCO USC Platforms
  • vRealize Suite with NSX Enterprise and full Network & Security Automation


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